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HandyPantry Privacy Policy

How we collect and Use Your Personal Information

Handy Pantry is the sole user and owner of all personal information collected on the handypantry.com web site. We do not sell, trade, or disperse your personal information. All information submitted in any way is used for internal purposes only.

Check-out registration: Handy Pantry requires all users prior to purchase to register with the Web site. You will be asked to provide your name, both first and last, email address, shipping and billing address, as well as your phone number, city, state, zip, and country. Handy Panty will only use this information during the shipping, and billing process as well as to contact you regarding services and offers unless you specify against receiving any further communications from us.


During the purchase process we will require both personal and financial information from you. Much of this is submitted during the registration process however if purchasing directly from the Web site financial information such as credit card information will be requested. If you do not wish to purchase directly only we can be contacted at any time to take your purchase over the phone. We also accept payment by check, as well as through Paypal.

Communications From Handypantry

Specials, New Products, Updates, and Newsletters

From time to time Handy Pantry may send your information relating to specials we may be caring on the Web site, New Products, or Handy Pantry news. Because we respect your privacy these communications are strictly opt in. If you would like to discontinue your receipt of these types of communications you may opt out by contacting us at optout@handypantrywholesale.com or, through US Postal Services.

Customer Service

Based on your personal information we will send you a welcome email when you sign-up to verify your user name and password to ensure you are the rightful user of the information provided. We will also communicate with you through this information for customer service purposes pertaining to your order, customer service inquiries, or other customer services related communications. We will communicate with you through email, phone, mail or whichever method you prefer.

Address verification for shipping

We use a third party verification system to verify your address, city, state and zip to obtain real time shipping rates.

Profile enhancement for marketing purposes

Handy Pantry purchases third party marketing and demographics information to better enhance your experience with Handy Pantry. We use this information to better target our advertising and bring you the products and services you want based on this information.

Aggregate Information (non personal)

We share non personal information with our suppliers and marketing partners. This information is demographic and we do not link personal information with this information. We use outside shipping companies, and credit card processing companies to process your orders. These companies do not retain personal information and do not use it in any other way other than to process your order.

Legal Disclaimer

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information if by law it is required for us to do so.

Server Log Files

Server Log Files are files that are created through information collected by individual users. This information is generally the IP address of the user, browser platform, keywords and keyword phrases associated with the entry page, the search engine the user came in through, and exit pages. This information is in no way linked to an individual client and is used to collect demographic information on purchasing habits of users as a whole.


Information stored on a user's computer by a Web Browser at the request of software at a Web site. Web sites use cookies to recognize users who have previously visited them. The next time the user accesses that site, the information in the cookie is sent back to the user so the information displayed can vary depending on the user’s preferences.

Handy Pantry uses cookies to better enhance your shopping experience. We also use cookies to track your order in our shopping cart. If you turn off cookies we will not be able to track your path on our Web site, but you will also not be able to use the shopping cart of other tracking methods on our Web site either.

Handy Pantry also uses cookies to determine your path from our Web site to Web sites both previous and prior to your use of the Handy Pantry site. We use this information to better accommodate your needs on our site. We want our customers to have the best experience possible.

NOTE: If you refuse or “TURN OFF” cookies you will not be able to login, track, or purchase from the Handy Pantry site.

Explorer 6.0 Users

For those customers who are utilizing Explorer 6.0 you may have difficulty browsing the site if your privacy settings are set to high. For best browsing use set your privacy settings to medium to access the site. You may also choose to override your current cookie handling preferences on a per web site basis or you can always contact us to order by phone anytime.

Links with other web sites

Handy Pantry links with partners, and educational information from our Web site. We do not represent or are responsible for the content or practices of other Web sites. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of other Web sites for their privacy of information practices.

Access to your personal information

You can at any time update, delete, or request changes to your personal information on the Handy Pantry Web site.


Handy Pantry takes the security of your personal information very seriously we have taken the following precautions to ensure your online shopping experience is met with the highest security possible.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 

SSL is the industry standard used by millions of websites for the protection and security of online transactions. Secure Sockets Layer protocol is a method of passing sensitive information, such as credit card details, over the Internet. All communication is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. An SSL URL is preceded by https:// instead of http://. • Up to 256-bit encryption • 128 and 40 bit backwards compatible • 100% Trusted Root Certificate


Encrypted Database Coded against SQL injections and middle man attacks. Multiple layers of encryption for security