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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I do if I don't want a display

A. No problem. First orders do not require a display as long as you meet the minimum order of $50. Just let your sales rep know and they will work with you.


Q. Can I customize my rack?

A. Absolutely. We offer a great selection of pre-configured retail store display racks, however these can be easily customized to fit your needs. You know the needs of your store and we are happy to work with you. Just speak with your sales rep.


Q. What is the standard shipping time?

A. Orders typically ship within 3 business days, plus shipping time. East Coast shipping times are about 5 to 7 business days. West Coast shipping times are usually 2 to 3 business days. 


Q. What kind of margins can I expect?

A.  There is an average 40% margin on all of our products. 


Q. Why organic?

A. Certified Organic products are more in demand now than ever. Certified Organic products are specifically sought after by your most loyal customers, typically command higher price points and therefore more revenue, and create long term customer loyalty. Organic is the new standard for quality and peace of mind.


Q. What does certified organic mean?

A. Handy Pantry Sprouting is certified by the USDA. Organic certification means that we are regularly inspected and pass rigorous standards for organic certification. Our seeds and our facility are inspected yearly. You can learn more about it from the USDA: http://www.ams.usda.gov/nop/indexIE.htm


Q. What is the shelf life of your sprouting seeds?

A. Most seeds will sprout with a very high germination rate for several years. After about the second or third year, the germination rate begins to decline a bit. However keep in mind that seeds are designed by nature to keep for extraordinary lengths of time and still sprout. Just like the wheat (a strain called “kamut”) found in Egyptian tombs which still sprouted after thousands of years. We guarantee each of our seeds for two years from date of purchase. Each bag is marked with a "best germination rate if used by" date. However, the seed does not really expire and will sprout for many years.  


Q. Is there a minimum order, contract or any commitment?

A. We do require a minimum order of $50 per order.  There is not a contract or time commitment with the displays that you carry in your store.  We are confident that your customers will come back year after year for their favorite healthy seeds.


Q. Were do your seeds come from?

A. We source our seeds from a variety of US based Certified Organic suppliers and seed brokers.  Most of our seeds are produced in the US or Canada. Some seeds, like Mung Bean, are imported from China.


Q. Do you ship out of the U.S.?

A. Due to customs issues, we don’t ship our seeds outside of the US.


Q. What if I want a bigger display later on?

A. We are happy to help you upgrade to a bigger display. Contact us and we can find the perfect fit for your store.


Q. Where should I display your products for best results?

A. Most stores display our sprouting supplies prominently in the produce section where they tend to do the best. Some stores have also found that prominent floor space in floral or other high-traffic areas works well. The bottom line is that sprouting supplies need to be merchandised like any other products you carry. Display them prominently and keep your display rack fully stocked.